Change. Not my strong point. Aaaagh!!!! I’m not ready. My inside is screaming and my outside has to remain calm. I’m losing right now. It’s like I can feel a dark murky swamp closing in on me. I’ve not felt this much pain in so long. Life moves on for people right? Isn’t that what we do on this earth? Constant motion. Lives change and they have to. We just have to accept and try to move forward even when it’s so hard. It’s not being left behind…it’s just the forward motion in others that has to be given its wings. Wings long worked for and deserved. We can’t try to hold the wings down or clip them…we have to bless the flight that they take and be thankful for the respite and comfort they once found in us that allowed them to remain for awhile. We swallow our own selfishness and give. I give my blessing and my eternal gratefulness for the time I was allowed to be a shelter to those wings…and for the shelter I took so often. As life moves forward we find our place among the footprints that surround us and see which we can and cannot follow…and it’s as it should be. Love, however, remains eternal.