…and life moves forward at an amazing pace! It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted and that has everything to do with changes. Changes for the better. My “post-loss” depression has lifted for the most part and I’m feeling more and more like myself.  Just a stronger version. Of course I have moments of missing Mom and Maddie but I am pretty sure that will always be.  I’m looking forward into what I hope my future looks like and I’m excited about it.  I’m making plans and taking steps to have them come to fruition.  If all goes as planned I will retire in five years – August 1, 2022.  I am so excited about what I have planned for myself and I’m sorry that I can’t share it just yet but I will soon 😊  I’m really trying to allow God to guide this process – but I’ll admit it’s hard for me to take off my “little God suit”. That’s what I call it when I’m in an “I know better than God does” mode. Trust me – it hasn’t worked yet! 😉  

I really just wanted to check in with you…I miss you all!  I’ll post again soon because a huge part of the purpose of this blog was to be honest with – and about – grieving and loss. That includes especially – showing the beautiful lights at the end of the tunnel! I love you ❤️

Ciao amici ❤️