I’ve been quiet on here the last few months but I have still been busy processing a lot of things in my life. I feel like my life is starting to become mine now if that makes any sense. I have to say – life opens up when you finally start dealing with the parts that aren’t working. It’s so hard to do but if you give yourself credit and realize you have the strength and courage to face the crap – then eventually you get to the other side and see just how amazing life can be for you. If you don’t deal with what’s broken you can’t fix it; and then all you are doing is running in circles chasing after things that don’t belong where you’re trying to put them – and believe me – you’ll never ever make them fit.  EVER.  It’s an impossibility.  
I have been in a constant state of “work” these last three years but I see it starting to pay off. Has it been easy? Oh my gosh no!! I still have more to do too of course. Always. But so many parts of my life are rewarding. Friends and family – most definitely!  They are my life blood. ❤️
In working through my inner struggles the healing that has started to take place is nothing short of amazing. It’s mostly under the surface yet where people don’t see it but I see it and I feel it.  I didn’t think this much brokenness could heal. (God is amazing!)  The empty places are starting to fill little by little.  It’s strange how you can go through life and not really be aware of how empty you are until God starts filling you up. A couple of really cool things are starting to happen in my life now but I’m not ready to tell anyone yet. They’re putting a smile on my face as I think about them.  Hmmmmm….what could they be? 😉

Ciao amici!!!