Today I am babysitting my new little granddaughter. She is four months old and of course – adorable. ❤ I just started three weeks ago to watch her one day a week on my day off. This is day four as I had her two days last week over the holiday.                                              

I will admit – the other days were a bit of an adjustment as she is starting to teethe and also had a cold.  But today she is feeling really good and it’s fun watching and interacting with her. She has an awesome sense of humor and laughs a lot. Making eye contact with her is really interesting. She looks at you and her eyes… well… she’s an old soul I just know! 

She’s decided I’m pretty funny with my reading glasses on – I’m not offended 😉 She loves to have little conversations too. I’m not sure what she’s saying yet but she’s definitely animated…maybe some of that 10% Italian/Greek is showing up 😉

She just fell asleep on the floor next to me and I can’t get over how sweet babies look. Tiny little features and so innocent. Being a grandma is a big responsibility and a huge gift. She will watch me and learn from me just as she will with everyone she interacts with. I have the responsibility of helping to form her in the ways her parents want – and of course – sprinkle in a bit of “Grandma Magic” while I’m at it 😉

This song has been running through my mind for the last half hour or so…pretty much how I’m feeling today ❤