“In all the potential loneliest places perhaps our own hearts become the loneliest thing in the world when we find ourselves furthest away from our deepest passions – with no identifiable hope for changing the outcome.”

Phil Wyman – Quora

I had this quote come across my email today. It’s interesting that I got it today because today I am lonely in my perception of the word. Lonely to me results in sadness, aching emotions…overwhelming hurt. I suppose it’s the holidays…I suppose it’s just me too. I’m an over complicated person inside and I rarely share it or show it. That is my lonely. That is my reality.
My “lonely” is not being able to share what makes me Angie. My lonely is not trusting that others will understand “me”. My lonely is a smile put on to cover that which I understand in sooo many ways and yet am still discovering how to navigate through. To embrace the unembraceable and to try to love the very part of me that causes the pain.