So…this is the 10th presidential election I’ve voted in since I turned 18. Forty years of voting and accepting the outcomes, because we live in a great republic that affords us the right – but also the privilege – to elect our president and other government officials in a democratic fashion. There have been elections that ended the way I had hoped and voted, and there were election results that left me feeling devastated. But to this date no election result has caused the sky to fall. The sun has risen each morning and set each evening. There are still wealthy people and there are still poor people. Your poor could be someone’s else’s wealth. There are still those that struggle just to put food on the table, to pay for medicine, to clothe their children, to find a job. There are those who are better off financially that aren’t hoarding their money but are supporting charities and organizations that help those in need. No president…no congress…has ever changed that basic fact.
So what I’m saying today is this. Accept the disappointments without the venom. I’ve seen posts that I can’t believe friends would say to each other. Mean-spirited and ugly on both sides. Is this what we want to do to each other? Is this what we’re about? Blanket cruel judgements of people that didn’t support the same candidate as we did? We have that right to disagree. It’s core.
If we feel this strongly about our candidates and what they could offer – then surely we feel as strongly about helping those who we thought would benefit from their being elected to office! Isn’t that what it’s all about? It’s no secret that many voted based on the abortion issue, so…if we are pro-life – then help the young mothers and fathers in ways that are meaningful. Do the research as to how. Don’t make excuses. Don’t sit smugly by and think we have no responsibility beyond our conviction. Don’t sit back and think it’s ok to do nothing simply because your candidate won and you think that will help. There are many women that need our help and support. WE have to take the responsibility on a personal level. QUIT judging women who have had abortions – we HAVE NOT walked in their shoes and our sometimes arrogant attitudes – yes – arrogant…are not loving nor helpful.

And – pro-life is more than anti-abortion. It’s supporting the people that need it. It’s respecting life from the bottom up and it’s making the sacrifices to help the ones that need our help and the outreach programs that will help them.

For those that are pro-choice accept that there are many of us that absolutely defend the right of the unborn child to be born. You won’t change that. It’s a divisive issue no matter what and it always will be. To accuse us of being uneducated and ignorant is not only false – it’s demeaning. Hating on each other won’t help.

For all of us – spend time and/or donate to food banks, centers for abused women, rehab programs, etc. Support programs for mental health. Find ways to do these things, because there’s so much need out there. Put pressure on your legislators to not repeal Obamacare – so that people can still be insured; but instead to fix what’s wrong with it.

All I’m saying is this. We. You and I. We are the ones responsible. We are responsible to quit hating on each other. We are responsible to quit judging others simply because they don’t fit ideas of how we decided they should be. We are responsible to take care of those in our society that need us. It seems to me that is supposed to be a basic premise of religions and humanity both.

For those who voted for Trump quit gloating. Use these next four years wisely and push for programs that the Republican party isn’t known for being strong with. We now have a Republican president, House, Senate. Make them work for us. Don’t give them a pass.

For those that voted for Clinton – instead of spewing anger – the biggest thank you that you could give her now is to respect her great legacy – “it takes a village” and carry through with it.

But Republican, Democrat, third-party – we are all responsible to help where we can and not depend on elected officials to do everything for us. It’s ok to be sad for awhile, scared for awhile, or happy and jubilant. Just quit hating.
As Andy Dufresne said in Shawshank Redemption: “I guess it comes down to a simple choice really. Get busy living or get busy dying.”