In the midst of the storm
a flower bloomed.
A poor withered seedling,
it grew in the turbulence.
Nourished and held,
it became strong and bright,
and was loved.
The flower – so grateful,
never took its nourishment
for granted.
It knew from where it had come
and knew that it could have been
left to fade away.
The years passed by and
the flower still knew love,
but one day the flower felt
a great sadness inside.
Frightened, it realized that
something had gradually
been changing.
The winds had switched direction
and the soil was being blown away.
The nourishment would no longer
be the same.
The flower trembled inside
because it didn’t know how
to continue to bloom bright
without it.
The sadness overwhelmed
the flower and tears began
to form in its soul.
It didn’t want anything to change.
How will it survive?
How will it go on?
It just knew that it had to.