Okay…I’m going to say it. Tears can be a big nuisance. Sure they’re healthy and all that but I hate tears that just show up without good reason. That’s what they do when you’re not feeling well. I have a crappy cold and I guess with my nose and chest congested my eyes must have felt left out so they’ve decided to join the party and put on an elaborate display. No! Don’t feel sorry for me – like I said – no good reason! Those little buggers can just dry up right now and march themselves right back to Happy Camp because we’re not having this anymore tonight.
Do you ever wonder how on earth actresses can be crying for real? No puffy eyes, no big gross sniffs (snorts!)…I mean seriously! I cry and I look like a contender for an allergy commercial gone wrong. Not a good look 😉
And when you’re sick everything’s a big deal. I literally cried over spilled milk tonight…okay…it was actually a protein shake (chocolate 😊) and it only spilled on the counter…and only a little bit…but I felt those salt water pests coming to see what was going on and I had to shoo them away pretty quickly and remind them to mind their own business.
Anyway, I guess I should try to sleep as it’s late…I think I’ve won the battle for the time being! 😊

Ciao amici!!!