Sometimes the sad still overwhelms me. It doesn’t happen a lot but when it does you just have to let it pour out. Heartbreak comes in a lot of forms and from a lot of reasons. We have to allow ourselves that. Heartbreak doesn’t mean forever and it doesn’t mean you’re a pathetic person. It just means you’re allowing the sad to flow through for awhile.
Today it came unexpectedly. So I’ve decided it’s welcome to take up residence in me for as long as it needs to. It doesn’t make it a habit to come by and has learned not to overstay its welcome. Yes – welcome. It’s welcome because it reminds me who I am and what I’ve lost – and losses only exist because we cared so much and loved so much…and those are the qualities I want and need. It’s a hard day today. But each time I allow it…I’m one step closer to being the strong person I want to be and moving forward in a life I’m molding for myself.