Sometimes the tears come and you really don’t know why. I guess it’s best to just let them roll on down and do their thing.  They can come at the most unexpected times though. Tonight they’re here and it’s been awhile since they came to visit. So I ask myself why and I realize that I can count six different triggers during today.  So I guess they shouldn’t be unexpected.  I’m not sure how it works for others but anymore I don’t really let myself face what’s bothering me until I find myself in tears.
Today is March 1st and March is Trisomy Awareness Month so I have been thinking of little Maddie a lot today. I guess there’s just been a lot of things in general. We all have those times that things overwhelm us a bit. Usually there’s a root cause…I know what mine is and it’s loss. Sometimes loss rears its ugly head and today is one of those days and it’s causing all of the other things to be blown a bit out of proportion. There’s validity to the things that are bothering me today but when you couple these particular situations with the remnants of loss you still deal with it, well…it messes with your emotions a bit. We’ve all been there with loss…I’m not unique. And while I’m definitely on the easier side now of the emotions there are still moments that are hard. Sometimes you just have to allow yourself to hurt. Know that it’s ok and human. Know it won’t last forever. Embrace it…then let it go.