All I have left are these sketches.
Shades of grey now embossed on my mind.
Forever’s so long in a life without you,
but I guess now you’ve left me behind.

You know, nothings the same in my life anymore
and I don’t know where things came off track.
All these memories painfully filtering through –
are they lies that I just can’t take back?

Didn’t we laugh till we cried while our souls would confide
all the secrets we both understood?
Or was I just a fool in my own lonely world
Grasping desperately all that I could?

Now our laughter is gone and in this empty space
All I hear is the time standing still,
Emptiness echoes and rings in my ears
and I guess that it just always will.

And all I have left are these sketches
Shades of grey now embossed on my mind.
Your love and caresses, your voice and sweet yes’s
are floating away into time.