Life just continues to change. I think sometimes I’m the most alone person in the world. I suppose we all do at times. I suppose that’s all a part of losing people and a part of being in touch with yourself. I don’t share much anymore about what goes on inside of me with anyone. I used to but life changes and that’s ok. I’m not sure how good it is to keep things inside but it seems to be a safe place. I feel myself folding back up inside and just protecting what’s there. Kind of like an emotional fetal position. And it’s ok. Maybe there are things that you just don’t give to anyone. I really don’t feel much like blogging anymore either. It’s easier to just go forward and hope for the best. I saw a grief cycle illustration tonight…I can’t really figure out where I fit in. There’s such a wide spectrum of emotions. Happy on the outside…dying on the inside. Anymore I just am alone inside. I don’t like it but it’s where I’m at. I guess I’ll just say this to any of you that read this blog for grief support – just try to be ok with wherever you are at. It’s ok. There will be days you are sad, angry, happy …it doesn’t matter. You’re ok where you are. Try to find someone you can trust to talk to or see a grief counselor. Nobody really understands where you are and it’s certainly not their fault. But you need to talk though your feelings. I suppose I should listen to my own advice…but the fetal position is hard to get out of.