Connections. I don’t breathe without it affecting somebody else. Each breath I take draws me closer to someone else’s life in one way or another. I’m part of this huge grand universe and although a very tiny part of it – important none the less. I’m a small fragment in this immense world and although I won’t go as far as to say there is a “butterfly effect” that my actions play into, I will say there can be a “ripple effect”.
What I do and what I say in a given day has the potential to cause a ripple effect that begins with me and then spreads outward to those I come into contact with, and outward still to those that they come into contact with, etc. I’d like to think that every day I can cause a ripple effect. A good one. But I know that won’t be the case. It’s not realistic. I am human and have bad days like everyone and can take it out on others. That’s when the ripple effect I cause is a bit unpleasant. But…if I can try really hard to do just one small thoughtful thing for someone every day then maybe what I contribute in life will be worthwhile.
Have you ever had a day that was just kind of blasé or even a bad day…and someone unexpectedly did something really nice for you? Or said something really kind that took you by surprise? It’s such a great feeling…it says somebody cares. I want to be that person. And truthfully…selfishly- even though it isn’t and shouldn’t be the motivating reason – it feels good to find out that something you said or did made someone else feel good. Whether this new approach will happen or not depends on me and my choices for myself…what am I allowing my house to be built with? What makes up the quality of my own construction? I need to filter out the negative and the useless in order to have an open mind and heart for anyone else. I suppose it’s pretty Pollyanna, but that’s okay with me. Maybe sometimes shooting for the small things in life isn’t always a bad thing.

Ciao Amici!! 🙂