Answers rarely come in neat little packages. Instead, they’re more likely to be found in a sweater after you pull the strands of wool and unravel the whole garment. It can be so frustrating to wait but, when all is said and done, you get to see all of the beautiful colors in each individual strand and you get to know every piece of that sweater. I like to think of myself as that sweater. Each time I search for answers in life (and trust me…I’m a searcher!) I have to unravel more of myself…another layer…so that I can reach that next level of awareness. It’s hard – make no mistake there. You will learn about yourself inside and out! If you’re going to question life or question yourself…and if you really want to know the answers, then be prepared because you are going to experience a kaleidoscope of emotions both good and bad, but the colors you’ll discover along the way will be magnificent. Allow yourself to hurt and hurt deeply…but then allow yourself to experience the other spectrum of joy and gratefulness to its absolute fullest! Dear God we have one life to live! And it passes so quickly. Feel! Don’t be afraid to feel! There are no wrong feelings…if you’re down…know that it won’t last forever. If you’re up – embrace it! In fact – embrace the sad moments too. They are love. They are all expressions of you! And you are BEAUTIFUL!! Don’t be afraid to unravel your sweater…

…and that’s why I love you

Ciao Amici!!