In ways never intended, life awakens.
The sun rises on a fleeting moment and you grab it,
holding it tightly and possessively lest it be taken from you.
Cherish this gift for it will last no longer than the morning dew on the green grasses.
You will close your eyes to drink in its sweet fragrance,
and when you open them again – the gift will be gone.
Precious and rare, it will teach you more about your soul
than you will have learned in a lifetime.

Floating in on the winds of fate,
it landed on your heart giving you hope and purpose.
Sensing your need, you were sought out almost as prey
by this gift which now guides you through the labyrinth of your life’s truths.
Brilliance, shining through the dark of your soul,
enlightened your existence and called you by name.
A moment in time… “I will discover you”. And your heart
will bleed inconsolably when the winds blow once more.