I had a dream that I was driving a car across a bridge. It was grey outside but everything seemed normal. Suddenly, in an instant, the bridge fell out from underneath me and I was flailing around in a place that was only space. No dark, no anything. Just myself and I was falling and I was so scared. Then I realized, even though I couldn’t see him, that Jesus was there with me and I kept reaching up toward him while I was falling, and trying to hold onto his hand to keep me from continuing to fall. I just couldn’t grasp it though. Then all at once I realized I was about to go before God for my judgment and I panicked. Jesus was holding my hand…just barely…by the fingertips…and I cried out to him not to leave me and not to let go! I was never able to see him during all of this…just his arm holding mine while I tumbled through the space. Suddenly, I came to a stop and knew I was about to stand right in God’s presence…and then I woke up.

So…that should be fodder for a lot of comments…

Ciao Amici!!