Did I tell you that I loved you before you went away?
I don’t think that I ever did.
I never really thought to until now, and I wish that I had.
Maybe you would have stayed.
Telling you that I love you would have empowered you so much.
Just those three small words might have changed your world.

I never really thought about it before.
“I love you” could have helped take the sadness away.
It would have shown you how special you are.
“I love you” could have saved you from years of pain and doubt.
I don’t think it’s too late. Not if you’ll listen.
Because I want so very badly to tell you this now.

I guess I just grew accustomed to the way things were.
I didn’t know that it didn’t have to be like that.
You needed me to be strong for you and I failed.
I didn’t recognize that you needed me to support you and forgive you,
to hold you when you cried and to wipe your tears away.
I’m here to do that for you now if you’ll let me.

You went away so many years ago, and I need you back.
I want to show you that I can be that person that you deserve.
Let me show you that you are worthy and cherished, because
I want you to know that above all – I believe in you.
I am empty without you.

If you can go through the rest of your life being loved by me,
you can do anything that is put before you.
I can feel this in the deepest part of my soul.
Let me tell you that I love you. Hear me tell you that I love you.
You don’t need to hide any longer…I’m ready for you to come back.
Because I love you.

*It occurred to me today that what was missing in my journey was really something fairly tangible. A visible acknowledgement to myself that I can love myself…that I can forgive the past and reclaim it at the same time. I can’t relive it. I can’t change it. But I can own it, be responsible for it, and do it with compassion. In doing so I also need to embrace myself. Who I am and who I am yet to become, because once we start to love ourselves…when we acknowledge that part that has been missing – the sky’s the limit! We have different journeys in life – as unique as ourselves…but we all need self love. We all need to realize that we are “loveable”.

Ciao Amici!!