Outside the sun is shining; bright and warm.
Stretch yourself…reach for the light.
If you try hard enough, you’ll grab it.
Pull it toward you but be gentle…
it can burst like a bubble and spill out.
You can’t really hold it…light is fleeting.
And all is truly in vain
because the jester has just arrived
and exposed the fool inside.
All along you thought it was hidden
and now you’ve been played and the secret is out.
Foolish, imprudent…now they all laugh.
You can’t hide anymore and all that’s left
is a gaping hole that was meant to hold a heart.
A lesson for you – don’t trust what’s inside.
Discolored and soiled and tossed aside,
now proves a folly and you’re no better off.
So bury it and pretend you don’t care…
you wouldn’t be alone if you didn’t.
What’s value but worth, and there is none here.
Pick yourself up and close the cocoon
because there is no more air.
Collapse into the dark you fool
and erase the existence of all that you bear.