Wow!! Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a guide book specific for your life that you can open up and find the exact right chapter for the exact circumstance that you need help with…and there would be your answer? I have! I know that some of you are thinking…”What about the Bible?”, and yes, while that’s fair…it’s not what I mean. I mean a book entitled “What to do When…”. I think it would be a best seller – if it had answers!
“What to do When…” Chapter 3 – Your Child Won’t Eat His Spinach
“What to do When”…Chapter 8 – Your Car is on its Last Miles
“What to do When”…Chapter 14 – Your Dog is Being Disgusting and Just Ran Through the House In Front of Company With Your Panties in His Mouth”
….Well….you get the idea. ūüėČ But really…to have a book with all of the answers in it on how to handle every confusing situation¬†that comes up in your life – well…that would be amazing! Obviously that book doesn’t exist and it won’t either. So that leaves us charged with the responsibility of working these things out for ourselves. I don’t know, but I am pretty sure most of us struggle with decisions sometimes. We wonder what is¬†the “right” or “wrong” thing to do under certain circumstances. I think that the more I am experiencing life (notice…I avoided saying “the older I get” ūüėČ ) the more I am realizing that there aren’t necessarily rights and wrongs. We just live life. We just do our best and we plod along together with each other –¬†and sometimes alone¬†with only our thoughts for company – but we¬†Just Live Life!!!
I don’t know…I guess I’m feeling a bit philosophical right now. Taking myself out of any grief or heavy feelings today, I am able to look at things a bit differently for the moment. Life is what we make of it…the good and the bad.¬† Life is always going to be full of the unexpected. There will be days and times in our lives when it feels like everything is pretty smooth sailing, and then there will be times when it feels like life is falling apart, crumbling around our feet. But it’s not. It never will fall apart. I think where there is any human existence that we can reach out to, we are going to survive. When you can’t pull yourself up…there is someone out there that doesn’t find you nearly as heavy as you feel you are. We breathe…breathe…and we breathe again. Life goes on. Love goes on. As each sad experience takes away a part of us it also adds a new part to us…a part that is rich in depth and new understanding and forms us to be ready for the next experiences that come along.¬† We grow and we blossom and we end up with these amazingly beautiful rays of light in our souls that every once in awhile we can let shine!¬†¬† MWAH!!!!!

Ciao Amici!!!