You feel the aching
and you don’t know what to do with it.
You try to stifle it…cover it with being.
But it doesn’t go away…the constant gnawing…
continuing to break down the fibers that hold you together.
So you sit.
And you quietly let the pain stir.
Opening the wound wider, you let it move in you.
It inches up through your body and convulses through your heart.
Sorrow fills you, and you fear the pain will never stop.
You must allow it…you must let it rip through you and tear your soul apart.
In feeling it and in breathing it in…you allow it to escape.
You want to scream as it bears down upon your life,
yet you are stronger than the pain and braver than the fear.
It overwhelms your existence but for a short time longer.
It is unwanted. It is unwelcome. It is uninvited.