As I look out the window today, it’s a typical winter morning in northwestern Ohio. It’s cold and gray…a small amount of snow on the ground. I don’t really have anything important to say today…I just felt like writing. This may just turn into a lot of messy mumbling so I’ll apologize in advance! I don’t usually talk to you about everyday sort of things. I talk about the struggles of loss…which I could easily do again. We’ll see where this conversation leads.
It’s been a stressful week for various reasons. Monday started out really bad…missing our little Madeleine. But today I don’t feel sad. I just feel so blessed for having spent the time with her that we were able to. Today I think about her other grandma and her aunt and uncle that live out of state. They were not able to spend time with her or meet her. I can’t imagine how painful that is for them…but I know in my heart that Maddie knows them through and through and loves them so much. Maddie was with us for such a short time, but I really feel that she carried traits from all of us in her. Her aunt…wonderfully witty and smart…and has sarcasm down to a science – in a great way! She is sensitive and intuitive…and she supports her brother and sister-in-law fiercely. She’s that type of person. Loyal and devoted…independent and strong. Her husband is the gentle and quiet source of strength, a good balance for all of us. Both are university professors with their doctorates – and the most down to earth loving people! Maddie’s other grandma…she’s our activist. She has her Master’s Degree in biology. She cares about the earth, she cares about nature, she cares about corporate greed. She rescued birds of prey for goodness sakes!! She’s amazing!! She’s well read and sensitive. She would have instilled these wonderful convictions into her little Maddie. Maddie would have had a respect for her environment and surroundings that would have surpassed those of most of us.
So…today…I celebrate Madeleine…and I celebrate and respect the love and devotion she has from her entire family and the love she has for them. After all, she’s still with us…she is enjoying all of us and good lord I know she’s got a lot of her aunt and grandma in her…I can sense it…and if I’m right…she’s keeping them on their toes up there!!!

Ciao Amici!!