When the stardust started to settle around her,
clearing her eyes of its deception,
the moon cast its long shadow, hiding the sunlight
that gave her life the dreams feeding her existence.
Fading from her heart’s view,
the dreams quickly left her, like birds in flight,
leaving only the stark reality of the darkness
that would now be her dwelling.
Illusions that fed her soul for so long
were unveiled and exposed for the lies they perpetuated,
cruelly revealing the foolishness of a heart
sadly torn and battered.
A heart whose only true dream was to be loved
for the beauty it possessed and desired to give freely,
but could find no soul to welcome its truths.
Now hidden beneath the shadows of the moon…
stripped of her illusions,
she locked her heart tightly away, where pain could no longer find it.
Hidden and protected from those who would not understand and not love.
Protected from all because no safe haven was to be found.