This is a verse to a song I started years ago and didn’t finish. I’m hoping to start working on this again soon. For some reason, of all of the songs I’ve written this one stumps me every time. The melody is rather somber, but beautiful. Via Dolorosa…the Way of Sorrows, the Way of Grief…the Way of the Cross…all are acceptable translations. It is the road in Jerusalem that Jesus walked enroute to Golgotha. The song likens our earthly path to that of Jesus’ sufferings along the way to His crucifixion. One of the lessons that I learned in my songwriting is that God’s hand is in charge. God waits for the right moment…maybe it’s here.

Along the pathway to Heaven
throughout our lives
we will be tested in fire,
and the strong
will help the weak,
as we go forth
either saint or sinner…
Via Dolorosa – our own Via Dolorosa…