Laying awake at night and calling out
to a God who seems far away,
praying she makes it to the morning light
where she can hide.
Living in a grown-up world
she tries to smile,
but no one else can understand
what she’s been through.
She tries to chase the tears away –
they’re not subsiding…
lost little child inside.
Lonely and frightened,
feeling hopeless…
not knowing why she is going through this.
Feelings she thought she had long been over
haunt her day and night.
Little girl inside a woman…
needs the comfort,
needs to let the years of pain
leave her soul and free her
from the chains that hold her down
and the hurt that grieves her…
heal little child inside…
She doesn’t know or see
that God is placing His loving arms around her and embracing the tears and all the pain…
He’s gently working in her life to make her whole again…
Healing the child inside.