A breath in the wind
of unchartered waters,
carried on it the dreams
of my innocence.

The sails that were filled
with the thoughts of my youth,
somehow furled over time
losing importance.

Stories in the sand,
traced with exuberance,
were washed over by life
and experiences.

Lost to time
and buried at sea,
along with the hope
of their sweet completion.

But the mistral wind
is now blowing me back,
forceful and determined…
whispering to me.

“I have found your dreams
tethered on the stolen
breath of the sea…
and they wait for you alone.

I’ll carry you back
on my powerful gales
to salvage the lost…
to reclaim the past.

In my wake is your peace.
The dreams that existed
have now become pearls
ready for the harvest.”