Time forgets nothing…
and isn’t that okay?
It carries memories on the wind
to fall on us as we feel the coolness of the breeze upon our faces.
It takes us back to a place where everything once was,
and it stirs our souls with emotions long forgotten.
But no – Time does not forget.
Time holds on to a very special place in the universe
where it keeps our lives tucked inside of its bosom,
until the moment arrives
when we are ready or needing to hear, to remember…to feel.
It pours the scents of the past into our minds
and each smell, each fragrance, takes us back to Time…to be
reminded of a past love, a past dream, a past life…
Time does not forget.
It patiently waits and tries to gently stir our hearts
with all that has happened in our lives that made any sense,
or just tragically occurred…
Then Time takes it all back again to return it to the depths of its whims
until a moment when Time decides we need to remember.
Then…yet again…Time comes to visit…and holds us close whispering…
refreshing the memories in our hearts…
Never believe that Time forgets for Time holds all of our secrets –
and Time decides when to rain them upon us again.