March 9, 2014

A person who is a “treasure” is defined as someone who is so precious as to be rare. I wonder what traits someone would have to possess to be so precious? I consider all of my friends treasures. Perhaps there isn’t a defined list of characteristics that could be used to describe this person…maybe it’s the same premise as beauty being “in the eye of the beholder”….my treasure and yours may be quite different.
But, as I sit here and think about it (because my brain goes there sometimes), I can’t help but think that someone so valued must be a person, first and foremost, with sensitivity that is equal to and maybe surpassing your own, because they would have to be able to view life from your perspective in order to understand you. Secondly, they would have to have a wonderful sense of humor to be able to laugh in spite of what life doles out. And they would have to be patient and loving enough to deal with all of your idiosyncrasies… And this person would be someone that I would be in awe of at times – at how they handle themselves and life. Yes…the more I think of it…judging by all of the treasures in my life….maybe they aren’t so rare after all.

Ciao Amici!