March 29, 2014


Several years ago…okay…many 🙂  my dear friend Kathy, gave me this poem when I was going through some rough times….Kathy, I don’t remember if you wrote it yourself or if you found it, but I have kept it all of these years (on the paper you wrote it) and think it’s every bit as beautiful today as it was then…I would like to share it with all of you….

“Shalom, be at peace. I understand.” is the constant word of Jesus to the apostles and to us. Peace in all the storms of life. Peace when your heart is sinking at failure. Peace when your world seems to be falling in on you. Peace in the monotony and endlessness of small things. Peace in the watching and waiting, when your heart is anxious and your hands useless to do anything. But most of all, peace with your human weakness, when you can’t seem to do anything right. “Shalom, I understand.”

“In the process of faith, our greatest need is constantly to revise our concept of God, who is always infinitely greater and more loving than our finite minds can possibly grasp.”

Thank you Kathy!

Ciao Amici!