May 8, 2014


So…I’ve been rather frustrated the last few months with God.  Love Him dearly…but been a bit frustrated. I’m sure some of you might think this is a terrible thing to say, and that’s okay, but I don’t believe it is. Frustration is a human emotion and I am as human as it gets. God understands me and my love implicitly.

My frustration boils down to miracles. Do I believe in miracles? Very much so…I DO believe God can work miracles! Miracles greater than we can dream to ask of – and if that is the case – then why is He so stingy with them? I’ve asked this over and over the last couple of months. We pray and ask but rarely do we see that miraculous healing we are told to expect. We’ve all been there…prayed for the healing of someone or maybe a particular need we have…but no “yes” to the prayer.

I know we’ve all told ourselves or others that maybe God doesn’t answer our prayers in the way we would like, because of the bigger, grander scheme, but that’s not always so consoling when you are desperately needing that miracle. I suppose things just happen sometimes that have no explanation and God did not intend them to happen nor did He make them happen. It’s just life in this world with all of it’s realities. Why He holds back on those miracles is not something I am privy to.

But today I believe God blessed me with some much needed insight. I still don’t have the “inside track” as to why the healings don’t happen that we pray for, but I realized today that the miracles – they DO happen… on a daily basis even!

The miracles – they are all around us. But I know I had to have my eyes opened to this…the miracles are in how God guides us through the situations…how He gives us the ability to work through grief, pain, fear, doubt. It’s in the people He puts in our lives that support us and who are the very reason we get through each day. It’s in the ability to show our hurt and sorrows and it’s in the ability to put one foot in front of the other again and somehow move on in life. It’s in the ability to face the worse scenarios in life and be brave…and it’s in the moment of complete despair when you are able to cry. The miracle is in being able to lean on others when you want to turn inside and never see daylight again…it’s in expressing anguish so that the layers can peel away and leave you whole again…it’s in that moment when you start to feel you can trust life again.

So that’s my lesson God was able to get me to listen to today…a miracle in itself!

Ciao Amici!