April 7, 2014


I am going to say something not profound…not earth shattering…but very very truthful. Most of you know (especially my siblings) that my Mom died three months ago. It’s been a very tough three months for all of us and I know there is still time left in the grieving…and I can speak for myself that I have leaned on my friends so much during this time that I feel like I have used and abused them!  I am so blessed for having the friends I do. With that said…I just want to say that for any of you going through struggles….turn to something creative as an outlet. Turn your grief into something constructive that will help you fulfill yourself. I’m sitting here with my guitar playing along to songs on iTunes….granted…my playing sounds QUITE different than what I am listening to BUT I am enjoying it and owning it!! I can forget for awhile, have fun and learn to play well which is something I have wanted to do for years. Music is soooo healing…but you don’t have to be musical…learn for fun…or pick up that paintbrush, or get out your sewing machine, your camera, or your running shoes or your dance tapes! Allow yourself to feel….feel really really bad….but then let go! Force yourself to, and then go crazy having fun! Whatever creative outlet is yours…grab it with all of the gusto you can muster and feel the joy in life as much as you feel the pain. You deserve that much! Do it for yourself and nobody else….life is waaay too short…Live it…Love it…Learn from it….and then go have fun!!

Ciao Amici!