March 14, 2014

So…I’m laying here (or am I lying here?) listening to the wind outside…which by the way…is absolutely awesome…and I can’t help but just feel content 🙂 My absolute favorite part of weather is wind. Always has been. You can perceive it in whatever manner strikes you at that particular time…peaceful, exciting, foreboding and ominous, powerful, soothing….take your pick 🙂 Tonight it is most certainly a calming wind that carries a lot of love and comfort. The kind where you want to melt into the pillows and blankets and let your mind wander to all of the people in your life that are such great blessings, and then – just when you think it doesn’t get any better than this – you realize you get to sleep in tomorrow because it is Saturday! Life Is Good!

Ciao Amici!