March 18, 2014

Angie Romano

A lifetime ago there was no sound when the emptiness settled…
no thoughts to chase away while hiding from the dark.
There were no whispers that gave breath to the silence
while reminding of what once was.

A lifetime ago there was no fear of life not lived,
of not feeling and holding what was there to enjoy.
There was no concern of a life untouched by love –
yet all the while being fearful of feeling entirely too much.

A lifetime ago there were rules and expectations
that made sense because they guided and protected,
where now there are only questions with no answers
because what was sacred seems to have vanished.

A lifetime ago there was no turbulence along the path.
to disturb the course that was always so clear.
No obstacles so insurmountable that a quest
for the very answers needed to endure is disrupted.

A lifetime ago…