April 3, 2014

Life is a constant flow.  Nothing stays the same.  Even when we think that our lives are stagnant, the desire for change is building its platform in order for us to ascend new heights on our journey. We change. We don’t expect it and we don’t see it coming… but change arrives anyway.  We realize that we are not the same person we were yesterday, and although we know this change could not have happened overnight, we are unsettled by its suddenness… it feels intrusive… we did not invite it.  We don’t yet know how to wear this new skin that has wrapped around us like a cocoon.  Our relationships are different.. old feels new with all of its awkward attempts at conversation, while new fits like an old glove giving comfort to the changes we are experiencing.  We look for answers but there aren’t any that tell us how to become friends with change.  We need to know that eventually we will.

Certainly the process continues below the surface and will be visible again in the future, but then, at that time, having gone through this now, we will understand more and be better prepared.  For now… we will embrace it.  It can hurt and tear at our souls… or it can be gentle and tender and wrap around our hearts.  But whatever we are experiencing – embrace it… because this is life.  And life is to be lived and valued.  Dance. Dance in our minds, bodies and souls.  Dance in our happiness and sorrow.  Know that God is our everlasting partner in this pirouette that is life and His movements and love are grace beyond measure.

Ciao Amici!