June 17, 2014

I write.  I write poems, I write music, and I write my “late night musings”.  My writing is a gift that God graced me with…it’s nothing that I lay claim to or deserve credit for.  I say it is a gift for two reason…mainly…it is my outlet.  My outlet for all of the humanness inside, my confusion, fears, anxieties – and my hope in surmounting them.  I need this gift…I need this outlet.  I once had a counselor tell me that my sensitivity was a detriment when going through crises.  She said that in situations where most people experience bumps…big bumps…my system thinks it was hit by a Mack truck…well that explains a lot…but that’s also a conversation for another day!

I have found over the years that it’s necessary for me to write.  It’s painfully personal and intimate – and it’s profoundly healing.  I post the poems and musings because part of my healing process is to share what’s inside.  It gives my feelings and thoughts validation and genuinely releases them and slowly peels away the layers that need to go away.  As humans we are all so complicated, and maybe some of us more so than others, but none more importantly than another.  To be able to sort through the intricacies of our own soul takes patience, time – and courage.  Courage because we sometimes fear our own thoughts and emotions and what they may say about us.  The idea of penetrating the walls we may have put up is daunting, but it’s important to not allow fear to define us or impede our growth process.  We will always carry ourselves with us – we can’t escape that.  We need to trust that no matter what we have been through or what kind of pain or anger it has burdened us with – we are inherently good.

The second reason I say my writing is a gift is in the knowledge that there are others like me.  I am only as unique as individuality.  My feelings are universal and if in sharing my writing, someone is touched and affected, then there has been benefit from that gift.

The catalyst for this post was a dear friend expressing concern that my writing seemed very sad the last few weeks.  She was so kind to care, and it made me think that some of you may be worried too.  But I want to say that when you see that…it’s really okay and I am okay!  It’s all a very healthy part of the process.

I will share with you a quote from Anne Frank (who I am in awe of)  “… I am grateful to God for giving me this gift, this possibility of developing myself and of writing, of expressing all that is in me.  I can shake off everything if I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”  And so, your wordy friend will leave you with this poem dedicated to all of us who get a little deep a little often – you know who you are!

Ciao Amici!

Light   Angie Romano

It’s courage to go on despite
the darkness that creates your night.
It’s letting go – while taking hold.
It’s feeling fear, yet being bold.

It’s realizing happiness.
It’s forgiveness of your humanness.
Surrendering your hurt and fears,
releasing all the anguished tears.

It’s setting free from chains that bind.
It’s comfort from a wounded mind.
Light’s found where every hope begins –
It’s where dark ends – it’s when love wins.