May 30, 2014

(I had been listening to Lee Ann Womack’s recording of “I Hope You Dance” and this occurred to me)

I hope you dance…!  The song lyrics are beautiful and speak to all of us.  I wanted to post it on Facebook for all of you to hear because I can’t think of a better way to express how I feel about all of you.  And dancing says so much doesn’t it?  Dancing isn’t just the act of getting out on the floor and shaking what you’ve got or holding a partner close and swaying.  Dancing is living life, dancing is expression, dancing is release, dancing is feeling!  I am soooo long in learning soooo much… But!  Every once in awhile I get it right!  If I live life to the best of my ability… I dance!  If I feel pain to the core of my being… I dance!  If I can be moved by music or a painting or devastated by a loss… I AM DANCING!!  Because I am allowing life to flow through me… the good and the bad – and I grow and I live and I continue to love and I exist!!!  And yes… life is rough right now, but damn it!!  I AM DANCING!!!!  That is my choice to make and I am choosing to dance the “can-can”!!

Ciao Amici!